Hi Khush

Thanks a lot for the wonderful learning that you have imparted to me.
The course was enriching and informative and I think I have understood all that was
intended for me to know from the basic level on Acupressure and Reflexology. I am sure
I would be able to incorporate the same in my daily practices and with clients as and
when required.
Wishing you a great success for all your course and all future endeavours.
Nidhi Sharma
Founder & Image Specialist
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Dear Khush
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the informative Acupressure and
Reflexology course that you conducted with us.
I am very glad to have learnt the basics of the same and sure will be able to use them during my
healing practises with my clients. Its a great tool to have to assist me in my work and you made
it so much easier for me to imbibe it and learn.
I wish you all the very best for a great future and I hope you have many more class and courses
of the same.
Regards - Yashoda


Hi Khush,
As requested by you, this is my feedback for the Acupressure Class:
The class was very enlightening and informative. Khush was very generous in her teachings
and in answering my queries. I felt very much at ease learning with Khush in a friendly and open
Khush is very good at her Acupressure and Reflexology therapy and a very
positive energy person to be receiving therapy or teaching from.
I would like though if Khush wrote and gave more detailed and structured notes as she is a
reservoir of information and writes very well too. Her notes would definitely be a "Bible" on
Acupressure & Reflexology that all students would like to refer to :) (May be a book in future

Khush? :-) )
I am glad I did the course with Khush and achieved what I set out to.
Wishing Khush all the very Best in all her future endeavors!

Regards, Sweety



Hi Khush,

This was a great experience. Lots of learning. Great practical work, not only theory, but we
also practiced everyday and was wonderful. We learnt a lot about pressure points and how
acupressure works on us as well as others.

Khush is a wonderful instructor, very punctual, perfect in her knowledge and very encouraging.

Thank you so, so much dear Khush God Bless

Sonia Bharadwaj



Dear Khush madam,

Learning about acupressure surely opened the knowledge about science and different pressure
points, I need to work more hard on pressure chart as Khush said. I will work harder for
Reflexology and make Khush proud of me. She is hardworking, brilliant and a strong teacher. It
is an interesting scope only if I take interest to it and surely make her proud of me one day.

Thank you so much madam Khush

Kaiwan (Kaiwan is a dyslexic student, yet did very well in his exams)



Dear madam Khush

Learning a full time massage is a great experience for me more over, learning from a very good
teacher like you with so much more experience and knowledge, feels so good. As a student I
would love to work with her and learn more and more things which I am unknown for so many
years. I wish her all the best in life.

Sarosh Buhariwala


TESTIMONIALS for Thai Yoga Massae Therapy

I now take the opportunity to list below the feedbacks we have gained from clients/ patients /
students who have gone through our various courses.

The massage was a very new and exciting experience, very different from any other I
have had. Extremely relaxing and rejuvenating…..Tanya.

Thank you very much for the wonderful massage, it not only stretches every limb in your
body, but rejuvenates every cell. Felt very light and amazing…. Karvika.

After I took this massage I feel a lot better and relief from my joint pains. A much
refresh feeling… Bharti.

Extremely relaxing, just one sentence – “Value for Money”. Feel completed rejuvenated
and refreshed… Priyanka Shah.

Thank you for such a wonderful relaxation session, I now feel a new surge of energy
which I feel shall help me face life with a new found strength. Your expertise in the field
are truly magnificent and words along could never describe how rejuvenated I feel ….
2009 Ms. India – Earth --- Shreya Kishore.

I feel better now, my pains in my joints have completely ceased, an extremely relaxed
feeling….. Khushnuma.

Thank you very much Khush, such a wonderful out of this world experience. This truly
takes you to “Seventh Heaven” …. Shekhar Salunkhe.

Feeling lighter, my shoulders too feel a lot better and relaxed. My sinus points too feel
a lot better. My whole body especially my legs and ankles are feeling a lot lighter and
better….. Aranaz Irani.

For years I have suffered from constant aches and pains and cramps in my feet but just one
session of reflexology by the gentle but firm fingers of a fully qualified but visually challenged
therapist has given me much relief that now I can walk much more at ease….. Mrs. Bacha
Dubash (82 years).

Dear Khush madam,

Greetings and would like to thank you for the wonderful treatment that you and your assistants
gave to improve upon my frozen shoulder. I was not able to move my right hand even 4 inches
and I had visited lots of doctors including top orthopedic doctors and was about to go for an
operation and had lost all hope of getting cured from frozen shoulder due to which my routine
was disrupted and it was very painful. After almost 4 months of massage from you and your

assistants( who are visually impaired) I am now almost 95% cured and am able to not only move
my hand but also able to hold things with it and do my house hold work and also lifting normal
weight. I am now doing the exercise that you have suggested to me at home and once again
thank you and all your team for curing me from this painful frozen shoulder.

Regards, Heena Manoj Shah

29th July, 2012

A little over a week back, while I was overseas, suffered a muscle spasm down the neck and shoulder. It got progressively worse and on the flight back to India, worsened so much that the airline felt the need to call for a wheelchair. Seeing my condition and the degree of pain, my Doctor suspected that some discs might be affected, prescribed an MRI and hospitalisation. Since I had work commitments, for the next couple of days, I chose to disobey, grit my teeth and bear it. I did take my medicine though!

The next day, I had (at my residence) about an hour to an hour and a half of therapy from a practitioner by the name of Khush Dubash. For starters, after checking, she assured me that it was simply a horrible muscle spasm, the discs were as they should be. Her therapy was a combination of acupressure, thai massage and physiotherapy. There were indeed some painful moments during the session, while she worked on releasing the muscle/nerve. . .or whatever. Through those moments, she gently coaxed me to cooperate, emphasising that it was for my good.

That was it. Though I'd called her the next day as well, I was 95% better by then and needed no more therapy. No MRI, no hospitalisation, no repeated physio sessions, no waste of time, no sky high bills.

This was my first experience of being treated by acupressure. I realise how much value we can draw from these methods, which we rather unfairly term 'alternative' therapy. And am learning from Khush of the many, many cures acupressure makes possible.

If you, or someone you know can benefit from what i've shared and if you would like Khush's coordinates, will be glad to share.

Wish you good health and good cheer!

Pervin Bhasin 


I had recently injured both my knees, as well as the muscles and ligaments around them.  I requested Khush Dubash to give me acupressure, to help alleviate the problem.

After the very first session itself, I found a considerable reduction in the pain and soreness; and after the second session, I found myself substantially better.

I do recommend you to try this for yourselves: Khush works with both knowledge and intuition, and greatly benefited me.

Sohrab Ardeshir

TESTIMONIALS – for Yoga & Taichi


Tibetan Yoga has helped me solve my back problem. It si a good form of exercise for the
entire body. It is such a pleasure learning Tibetan Yoga and Taichi from Khush.

Thank you so, so much dear Khush

Best Wishes always – Maharukh Madon, Mahim.


Dear Friends,

Before I started this yoga I was facing many health problems, like pain in joints, BP etc.
But now it is under control. In this yoga and Taichi I like relaxation & meditation very
much. Another thing is that our teacher Ms. Khush she is teaching very nicely. That is
why after three months completed I still want to continue classes from her.

Thank you very much. Ms. Khush

Bharati Paralkar


Tibetan Yoga is a great technique for body, mind and soul balance. The combination of
pranayam with this yoga is fantastic combination.

Khush very gently taught us the 5 rites – along with other forms of Yoga exercises.

Thank you so much dear Khush, Best Wishes

Seema Gupta


Class was great. Enjoyed every moment learning from Khush. This is something I feel I
can do at home as well. It makes me feel like I have really worked out. Khush is really

Zarna Tunara


Feeling more refreshed, learnt the correct technique; More calmer; Easy instructions;
More energy; Positivity – positive outlook to life.

Nomiat Hathiramani


Nice class. Complete exercise of the mind, body & soul. Chanting of ‘AUM’ really calms
you down and releases lot of negative energy and brings in vibrations of good energies. I
would definitely recommend to a lot of people to join this class.

What I also particularly likes is that it was not only limited to just Tibetan Yoga, but
Khush also took care to teach us “Sudarshan Kriya” and other Mudras which shows that
she is innovative and dynamic to take it to another level.

Sanjay Punjaby


I found the Tibetan Yoga class a complete package towards a new beginning, a cleansing
process of the body, mind and soul.

Hopefully this is the first step towards making a regular habit thereby benefiting not only
oneself but also giving the patience of understanding in helping others.

I would like to incorporate it so able to move to the next step.

Ruby Bhatia


I am a person with polio and severe bronchitis – not able to breath or sleep well by night,
with a lot of discomfort.

Fm 1st October to Novem 19, 2008 (1 1/2 months)

After meeting Khush who took me through some Yoga exercises –

Doing the 1st Rite of Tibetan Yoga –

1; Improvement in breathing system; (2) Improvement in my appetite; (3) improvement
in my energy level; (4) Lot of Positive attitude; (5) Reduced my medicines to some
extent, Phulgum (phlegm) formation has reduced.

1st December 2008

- Feel very positive; - Better food intake; - Breathing has improved; - reduction in
phulgum formation; - colour in phulgum has changed from dark greenish-yellow to
light green; - strength and stamina in my right leg which is affected with polio; - lot of
improvement in my right leg, first time in my life I feel I have strength in my right leg.

- Regarding my faculty – My teacher is excellent in her work; very dedicated towards her
work; she takes personal interest in her pupil and gives results; - goes beyond her way to
help her students; - this dedication really helps people like us who badly needs someone
to actually help them come out of their problems.

18th February 2009

- Feeling much much better; - phulgum formation has reduced from three times a day to 1
time a day.; - breathing pattern has improved;

My Doctor’s comments – (1) good improvement; - I am much better.

Shaila J Jethwa



Dear Madam Khush

This is a very satisfying therapy and I would really like to join the course. Teaching by the madam
in such a short limit of time today is rally motivating me to join the course and help my family
and friends. Nicely taught by her. Thank you so much for such a beautiful workshop.

Ms. Jasmine Karol


This workshop has taught me a lot it was an excellent experience. Surely would like to learn

Ms Nehha Merchang


Excellent workshop, very, very good, keep it up.

Ms. Priti Jangiani


It is a very good experience. Excellent teacher Khurshid.

Ms. Heena Mehta


Very informative and interesting. Interactive too.

Mrs. Aban Bhamgara


Knowledgeable and interactive. Explained thoroughly what acupressure is all about and the
various points. Excellent exercises too.

Thank you very much Khurshid.

Mr. Minoo Bhamgara


Very useful, brings more awareness to selves – Great workshop

Mr. Satya Wamari